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Inochi no Namae (Spirited Away) Sheet Music

hayama317 asked:

From Spirited away. I made it extra big I think...

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  1. Learn How to Read Music Notes

    The only way to describe this is simply, beautiful. I loved Spirited Away and Chihiro and Haku were so cute together.

  2. Music Reading

    One word.

  3. sheet music

    gosh this is the ONLY piano piece that makes me sad.. its so peaceful

    I always think of a landscape in the philippines when i was small.. THats probaly why i love watching studio ghibli films because they show the same landscape place, sort of.. like in totoro n princess mononoke n when the cat returns howls moving castle n kiki.
    They have that forest/ ocean place…

  4. Learning to Read Music

    This is one of my favorite music pieces. I watch spirited away every summer and never get tired of it.:] (THE previous comment was asking for the music but i have figured it out)

  5. Music Reading

    where can i download the sheet music for it without the melody part or an audio part of just the piano part no melody?

  6. How to Read Music Hub

    Miazaki’s films are always incredible, and the music is no exception. I tear up almost every time I listen to this.

  7. Learning to Read Music

    this song is so beautiful
    i love the film too

  8. Music Theory for Beginners

    is there like a way that i can get this and print it out?

  9. Music Theory for Beginners

    Yay, I used this at my schools’ talent show :)

  10. Music Reading

    OH me too can i have them please :)

  11. How to Sight Read Music

    beautiful ;____;
    makes me want to watch spirited away again ♥

  12. How to Read Music Hub

    Do you still have the midi file? If so, could you please send it to me? You see, I have a sick platypus and I think this might help him get better. Just kidding, but I’d really appreciate it if you sent me the midi. Thanks in advance ^^

  13. Learning to Read Music

    Can’t stop listening to it. It’s so beautiful

  14. How to Sight Read Music

    this song is perfect on winter nights…-^_^-

  15. sheet music

    Lovely rendition!

    Could you please send me a copy of this?

  16. Music Theory for Beginners

    nice original arrangement.

  17. Learn How to Read Music Notes

    i love this song so much

  18. Music Theory for Beginners

    …What’s the time signature on this piece??

  19. Music Theory for Beginners

    hey, i would love a copy of the sheet music to this. how would i get it?

  20. Music Reading

    i’ll love to be able to play this on the guitar

  21. Learn How to Read Music Notes

    sigh such a beautiful song. . .I wonder if I could play this on my bass. . . . . . . . .that would be awesome X3


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