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Music Theory for Beginners


American Idol Step 7 of 10 To Improve Your Chances Of Getting On Your Favorite Vocal Reality Show

Step 7 in increasing your chances of getting on any vocal reality show should be that you need to master each song and practice on your own as often as possible.

Here are tips to take in to consideration when you are wondering how to audition for American Idol . One thing I would do when I was a recording artist is I would rent a rehearsal studio that had mirrors in it. Almost all of these studios would have a loud sound system in them and I would blast the music and rehearse on my own. I would actually set up my microphone and act out different techniques and moves. I eventually figured out what fitted me best and was appealing for me and I then implemented those things into my live show. More importantly, I figured out what looked awkward and removed it from my repertoire.

Now, you don't have to rent a rehearsal studio if money isn't in the budget; the same effect can be successfully accomplished by locking yourself in your bedroom and singing to the mirror. Rather than singing in the bathroom mirror or a vanity mirror, I would advocate going to a dollar store or Salvation Army and buying some cheap full-length mirrors and putting them in your room so that you can view your full body as you are singing. It's not that expensive and you can get the same result as you would by renting out a rehearsal room. Stand them up in your bedroom against the wall, put on your stage gear, put the music on, and start singing and watching yourself. Doing this will be depressing initially. But, once you get over that awkwardness, you'll start to see things that you are doing wrong or that look sappy that you can change.

If you have never performed in front of a mirror before, it is a bit weird initially, I must confess. But I have learned much by doing it. I have heard that Michael Jackson would spend many hours a day doing this. He would rehearse in front of mirrors figuring out what worked best and what didn't. In fact, this is how he came across the "Moon Walk" move that he made so popular. However, for you, don't get overly analytical on dance moves and such because for the initial auditions there isn't time to display your dance moves.

The goal is to see what others are going to see and give yourself some feedback from what you see in the mirror. But, if you are one of the fortunate few to make it through to the next round, then you should immediately initiate a more exhaustive rehearsal schedule. You'll want to take advantage of every minute of rehearsing you can get. You can never be too prepared for what may be coming your way.

In our next article we will discuss Step 8 where we will recommend going out and playing some gigs or singing live. See you then...

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Music Theory for Beginners

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How can I convert my piano music into sheet music on my laptop to print off?

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Ok. Is there anything I could possibly hook up to my piano or even a type of microphone or any type of technology out there where I can record my music I play on my piano and then it will convert it to music notes on music sheet paper through my laptop? I know I've seen it and movies and probably recording studio where they play the piano and the music notes appear on the computer screen on sheet music.

Music Theory for Beginners
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Wireless Earbuds — The Importance of Cordless Headsets!

There you are, right in the center of a discussion with an important client. Their own office just sent you an important facsimile that you need to reach immediately, however the client is continuing to talk, wanting to clarify intricate information on the fax that you'd need to visit to understand. You reach out for the machine, only to find that with the cord stretched to the restrict and your arm waving madly, your fingers are still just a few in . too short. Scared of missing something important from the client, but unable to get to the fax you must know their directions, you find yourself at an impasse.

Heading Wireless:plantronics backbeat 906

The word that is becoming more and more symbolic of "good business.Inch Most companies are doing the things they can to escape all manner of wires. One of the more appealing wireless options coming to light requires the form of cord-less headsets. They're sleek, expert, and offer a distance in the desk that the corded telephone doesn't. This innovation provides a worker something which was previously not possible: the ability to cope with clients, whilst performing additional office work. Thus offering higher productivity, and permitting a worker to complete assigned tasks without constantly having to quit due to the constraints of a phone cord.

Are you able to Afford Them?

What's the price tag on independence like this? Wireless earbuds can run anywhere from two to five hundred dollars. They provide more than independence; they offer comfort and ease, noise-control, encryption with regard to security, and one-touch buttons that permit the user to switch from head set to phone. Other options, such as Bluetooth, can run roughly $100 for the adapter and $60 for the earpiece. Compared to business mobile phone models, which can run about $250 for that basics, the cost really is certainly not unheard of.

What does a head set offer that wired mobile phones do not? While it is true that a wired phone provides the same basic functions: contact reception and dialing, wireless headsets have come into power like a more professional and sleek alternative. They're also more capable of drowning away external sound, which is vital that you show an air of professional courtesy. The majority of clients do not appreciate the sounds of air conditioners and printers; actually many of them find those seems distracting and unsightly. Therefore with the ability of the headset in order to muffle external noise, the business gains a more professional sound-quality.

Importance of Cord-less Headsets:

Cordless headsets are becoming more and more popular among business reps, not just due to their freedom, however because of their comfort and hygienic qualities. A receptionist raises a phone in order to her ear dozens of occasions a day; unless she's the only person to touch which phone, she's to deal with something those prior to her bid farewell to on the handset. It's difficult in order to type as well as hold a phone against one's ear with a shoulder, as well as after a while it becomes downright painful to try. Headsets eliminate that problem.

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